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Our Veteran Day Traders That Have Over 85 Years Of Combined Trading Experience

CEO and Board Member, Hot Stocks NYC was founded by Barry, a seasoned trader with over 53 years of market experience.

With Over 53 years of trading experience and Over 3 MILLION Trades, his unmatched ability to memorize and analyze the price action of thousands of stocks each day, there is nobody more qualified to help traders beat WallStreet than Barry Davis.

Brian is the Senior Trader and Co-Founder of ProfessionalStockTraderLive.com. Brian was a stock broker for 15 years and has been trading stocks, futures and commodities for the last 33 years.  Over the years, Brian has developed his own proprietary way of trading using many of the basic technical tools along with some of his own proprietary ones. Brian is not only a technician but a strategist as well.  Also, he does Personal Coaching and teaches classes on Technical Analysis, Stock Options and the Psychology of Day Trading. Call or email with any questions you might have.  Phone: 262-939-3563  Email: BrianP@ProfessionalStockTraderLive.com 

Glenn is the Senior Trader and Founder of tradingsnipers.net. Glenn’s trading is based on technicals, primarily price action and market structure, While He is not big on fundamentals because he believes they are too subjective, the only thing objective and crucial to being on the correct side of trades is Price. Using two moving averages, the stochastic and floor trader pivots. His preferred vehicle are weekly options , and also uses a small watch list of big ATR stocks. Glenn believes in Less is More, as he likes to keep trading simple