just a heads up on these reports . Very important not to just blindly look at these targets


To fully put the targets into context, you need to watch the video, and or the small write up included


For example, TLRY target listed this morning @ 150, but here are his full comments



Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) is an amazing chart. It has gone from the 22-range all the way up to 127 on Thursday, closing up 14.81, or 14%, to 119.76, on 21 million shares. Did it reach the top? I can’t say for sure until it breaks down to 98. That would confirm it. Any move under 98 is a stopping point. If it continues to ramp up, I’m looking for about 150. I don’t believe it’s going there, but remember what they say, “the trend is your friend.



( ill send the video in a separate email )


From our Charts of Day video (targets in parens): $CARA (24, 28) $ETSY (50-60) $IQ (32 1/2, 38) $TLRY (150