Billionaire:  DONALD A. ADAM 

Don Adam -CEO- of “TAC CAPITAL” will certainly have a =>”FINAL SAY



I firmly believe there is =>  “LITTLE CHANCE” 

That Don Adam is going to “ACCEPT” ==> A $4.05 Takeover Bid  -for-  BBRG

“TAC CAPITAL” is by far BBRG’s Largest Shareholder =>   They Own “15.00%” of the Company

TAC Capital filed share ownership with the SEC of – 2,200,459 Shares– of BBRG’s Common Stock in 2017

TAC CAPITAL reported that they acquired their entire stake in BBRG …

At a purchase price of =>  $15,391,273 

Meaning “TAC” owns their 15.00% position in BBRG’s total shares outstanding…  

At a cost of roughly ==>    $7.00 per/ share

I do not believe that DON ADAM is going down….  Without a => FIGHT 

LOOK at PAGES =>  #5 -&- #6