This is what I am starting to see more of on the CNBC website.


This again goes back to the change in the rate of change.


Now the pendumlum is swinging back from one extreme and heading towards the other.


Eventually, the expectations will be lowered enough and fully discounted in the market so that any small uptick above the beaten down consensus will let the market begin a new rally phase.


This is the Circle of Life in the stock market.


Economists see the Trump economy slowing drastically next year before a possible recession in 2020


  • Economic growth pops in 2018, boosted by tax cuts, but those benefits should fade in 2019 and growth will get back to its longer-term pace of near 2 percent.
  • A group of 10 economists, including the Fed, have an average forecast of 2.4 percent for 2019, according to a CNBC survey.
  • Three big factors are behind the slower growth — fading impact of tax cuts, trade wars and tariffs and the Federal Reserve’s rate-hiking policy.
  • Economists do not see a recession until 2020, at the earliest.


The economy’s growth could slow to a crawl by the end of next year and fall into recession by 2020, economists say.

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