There was a discrepancy in the bid and ask prices of the TD December $60 calls; thus we are sending out a correction…

Option Idea of the Week– The best option idea each week, based on projected potential return, with less than a $5000 investment and no margin requirement.

Call (Bull) Debit Spread on Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD, current price $61.38)

Buy 23 – December 2018, $60 strike calls for $2.25
Sell 23 – December 2018, $65 strike calls for $0.15

Based upon GorillaTrades’ projected share price of $64.20 at (or before) expiration on 12/21/18, Return on Investment (ROI) would be 99.38% (including reasonable commission) if TD rises 4.59% in the next 12 1/2 weeks. Options are suitable for only very aggressive investors.

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