“Technical Analysis is essential to the trader’s arsenal – just like a sailor’s chart and compass. Technical analysis will help you navigate the storms and locate opportunities in the markets.” Don’t Be One of the 90-95% Who Lose Money Day Trading!

I have created this simple to understand POWERPOINT PRESENATION to hone your skills. This webinar is a MUST if you want to begin the learning process to correctly be able to identify proper entry and exit prices of day and swing trades.

This class has been developed through my “33” YEARS of EXPERIENCE to give you the very best in the classic technical formations used to identify both day and swing trade setups.

I will DEMONSTRATE how to properly use volume patterns, RSI, stochastics, teach you 17 different technical formations along with other technical patterns and indicators.

This two day webinar is great for traders of all experience levels; beginners to seasoned traders. I can guarantee that you’ll leave this webinar with actionable advice that you can put to work immediately in your day trading. Let’s face it, you can never have too many weapons in your trading arsenal.

I have developed some of my own proprietary ways of trading and will discuss “My Secret Weapon,” the 10-Minute Game, a true “Game Changer.” Learning this trading technique & strategy is absolutely “Priceless.” This one technique has saved and made attendees hundreds of thousands of dollars. This will help you to stay in trades longer while using proper stop management, both which are problems that most day traders have. This one piece of information is worth the cost of admission. One trade using the 10-Minute Game technique could potentialy cover the cost of your admission. Imagine though, you have this money making technique for “Life.”

Education, it’s truly “Priceless!”


 Identify Technical Formations
 Apply Technical Analysis Correctly
 Use Effective Trade/Stop Management
 Stay in Trades Longer Problems Most Traders Have
 Identify Minimum 2:1 Risk vs. Reward Ratio Trade Setups
 Deploy the 10-Minute Game, a True “Game Changer”
 Have Patience
 Have Discipline
 Be Aware of News
 Understand the Inter-Relationships of Different Markets
 Have the Proper Mindset and Psychology


 2008-Present  ProfessionalStockTraderLive.com (Online Investment Newsletter)
 2005-2008 Independent Senior Account Executive Cedar Creek Securities
 2002-2005, Independent Senior Account Executive National Securities Corporation
 1994-2002, Independent Senior Account Executive J.E.Liss & Co., Inc.
 1984-1994, Independent Stock & Futures Trader

DayTrading Results: Consistently Outperforming Wall Street
2012… + 90.73%
2013… + 138.01%
2014… +107.90%
2015…**Refer to notes below
2016…**Refer to notes below

Swing Trading Results: Consistently Outperforming Wall Street
2009… + 205.88%
2010… + 40.14%
2011… – 24.73%
2012… + 42.24%
2013… + 75.48%
2014… + 118.18%
2015… + 32.74%
2016… + 29.13%

The above results are for the period shown and are hypothetical based upon a subscriber of ProfessionalStockTraderLive.com having a January starting account value of $25,000 for day trading and $50,000 for swing trading and following all day/swing trade ideas conveyed by (“PSTL”) with the same position size, entry and exit prices. PSTL. Results are net of transaction fees of $10 per round trip trade.

** For the years that do not have day trading results it is because I did not do a Daily Live Broadcast on my website for those years.

$749 Per Seat Plus Life Long Ongoing Mentoring
PDF File of Webinar Material – A Life Long Learning Tool
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