Good morning : Last week we mentioned that the SPX/MKT was at TIME risk into 6.19-20.18- and price risk to 2743

Today’s DMS is indicated bullish as measured by DTE- and calculated by DSI-  todays DMP= 1.38/1.04-

Today the TIME window begins to close on the S/T corrective cycle we identified (6.6.18 @ 2762-)-

6.19-20.18- represents a bullish TIME window to re-engage the SPX/MKT- from a quantitative TIME perspective. Additionally, we think price risk will be limited to 2740-43 as we have outlined recently.

Traders/PM’s are advised to lower short exposure, and prepare to re- engage the SPX/MKT starting today especially if we were to trade @ 2740-43-

*The MKT’s Q/T-A risk profile improves a great deal over the next 1-2 days and represents a good opportunity to BUY the MKT- and re position your book on the long side.

Here is the latest schematic on SPY-