Good morning : todays DMS is indicated bullish as measured by DTE- and calculated by DSI-     Todays DMP=1.60/1.0-    Weekly DMP=1.93/.89-

 The SPX/MKT is closing in on a completion of intermediate/minor cycles going into 6.5-6.18- in TIME and 2755-62 in price.

This week will most likely mark a pivot H- for the SPX/MKT that will likely precede a corrective cycle sideways-lower as we’ve seen within a rotational MKT structure.*There are many BIG names that are coming into SELL signals this week and are completing cycles of their own.

So , the bottom line is- Yes, the SPX/MKT is making a NEW recovery High- but price is limited to 2755-62- within the current intermediate/minor cycle(3-9 trade days), and the TIME window begins to close 6.5-6.18-

 SPX R1-R2=2755-62- traders/PM’s are advised to use any move to this area to lower long exposure and establish a tactical hedge/MKT short position into the back end of this zone.

Traders/PM’s are advised to limit their expectations for the SPX/MKT as outlined above. Although were not calling for an end of the “major” counter-trend UP cycle, the intermediate-minor cycles are closing starting on 6.5-6.18- this TIME window will likely precede a sideways-lower MKT over the following 3-9 days.

 Adam Lorraine-

Chief Technical Strategist / DCH-DTA