On February 1, 2018, Emerald Medical Corp (the company) , filed preliminary form 14 with the SEC , detailing that it filed a notification for a name change to Virtual Crypto Technologies Inc. in furtherance to other previous filings that among other reported on the formation of  Virtual Crypto Ltd as a wholly owned Israeli technology subsidiary


Led by highly experienced team of scientists and tech experts, the company is aiming to become a leader in providing enabling artificial intelligence-based technologies, for the purpose of making crypto currency trade more efficient, accurate and most important user friendly


Our technology and related products:

Virtual Crypto Inc is developing a proprietary, algorithmic technology that is able to instantaneously confirm the purchase or sale of any crypto currency. For example it takes nearly 6 independent confirmations and nearly 20 minutes to settle a bitcoin trade. The company is utilizing an algorithm that predicts with very high accuracy whether the bitcoin trade will be confirmed by at least 6 miners. It is so accurate a that the company will offer a third-party insurance for trades and up to $3,000 per trade. The immediate confirmation of bitcoin and its equivalents is a major breakthrough in making the purchase and sale of crypto currencies user friendly.


The company combines this technology with the ability to simultaneously search among several number of exchanges to find the lowest cost and fastest execution of the designated coin. There are other technologies that do this but not combined with the algorithm that immediately confirms the transaction. The combined technologies will dramatically improve the experience of the average trader of bitcoin and its equivalents, meaning faster execution and lower costs.



Virtual Crypto Inc’s business plan is to market this technology to the following industries; Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) production and retro fitting of all present ATM machines to allow the purchase and cashing out to fiat of such coins.


Sale of tablets to allow restaurants, retail stores, casinos, pawn shops, to offer their customers the interactive experience of buying, selling and trading crypto currencies in their establishments. In addition, the immediate settlement of the currencies removes any risk that the proprietor has in accepting crypto currency for payment.


The company will enter into joint ventures to market this technology within the following industries: the $100 Billion virtual gaming industry. It will allow participants to exchange their virtual currency with crypto currency within the game.


Creation of trading tablets to allow the average individual to get educated about crypto currency trading and news along with transacting in the currency.


Alon Dayan, CEO of Virtual Crypto, commented “We are extremely excited about becoming a public company so that we can share our technological breakthroughs in making the purchasing and sale of crypto currencies a user friendly experience.”



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For more information go to contact@virtual-crypto.com