After the bell on Friday EWLL announced two new contracts–one with Greenshield of Canada and one with Benefits by Design (BBD).


They didn’t do it in a regular press release so most investors aren’t aware of it yet–but the SEC requires the filing of material contracts in the form of an 8K–which is what the company did Friday afternoon. A regular press release will come later.


You can read the entire 8K at the OTC website here.


These are two more contracts in addition to the one they filed with MCO several weeks ago.


Green Shield Canada Inc. operates as a not-for-profit health and dental benefits company offering employee group health benefits for large and small companies, and individuals all across Canada. The company is like the ‘Blue Shield’ of Canada and has been in business since 1957.


With their size and influence this contract is going to go a long way toward making digital physical therapy the standard throughout the country.


And Benefits by Design is a plan administrator that has been in business for over 20 years–another great source of influence and revenue for EWLL.


These contracts will start providing revenue for EWLL starting in the first quarter of 2019 and they’ve both indicated a desire to get started as soon as possible.


Plus indications are there are more contracts waiting to be announced.


There is another workman’s compensation conference this next week attended by major players in the industry–and EWLL executives Curtis Hollister and Darwin Fogt will be attending as well. Several of these major players have been in talks with EWLL for awhile so don’t be surprised to see additional contracts finalized and announced soon.


With this kind of revenue confirmed to be coming in during the first quarter–and more on the way–it’s amazing the stock is still under 20 cents.

The latest quote on the OTC website has EWLL at 16 cents–which seems like a steal.


Hopefully you’ve been acquireing shares–but with the release of these two new contracts we just got the green light to acquire more because all indications are this stock now has the revenue and support for a continuous ramp higher.