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2-20-18  Talking heads claim the market sold today on fears of a Government shutdown, but it was just the excuse du jour. $VIX – volatility – finally touched 30. Dow 22,000’s has been our ideal zone for a strong short to medium term low. Still 73% in cash. Slowing world economy, collapsing oil, Fed tightening, Europe in political chaos on the verge of recession and no signs of a China Trade Deal, China espionage, Gov’ shutdown as the yield curve tightens…hmm Cash may be the only asset to celebrate this season. But when the news is most negative and Bearish consensus is at an extreme, that will be a bottom! We’ll continue updates after Christmas! Enjoy the Holidays with extra cash. 

12-19-18  The Dow fell almost 800 points from its highs after the Fed said the economy was strong and more hikes were likely. The only positive is that short term technical indicators are rapidly entering oversold zone with put buying near the 2nd highest levels in 5 years.



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