There has been a very significant uptick in my trading in the last 2 months, along with a very significant uptick in profits.

During this time period, David has taken on the full time job of researching trading ideas, monitoring all market conditions and reviewing stock charts every day.  He reviews his best ideas with me numerous times a day.  We discuss the recommended trade and decide if and how to execute the trade.  This will continue to be his full time job.

He is then responsible for order entry, adjusting orders to changing market conditions, trade management, and trade exit orders.

I will ultimately be responsible for approving all trade ideas and giving general and / or specific trader orders that David will execute.

I will be his mentor and he will effectively be my apprentice.  I will be passing on my 35 years of trading experience.

I do not want to be full time on the desk monitoring markets all day anymore and David does.  As David has said numerous times, this is his “dream job”.  He loves the energy, analysis, and constant mental challenge that it requires.

His “title” will be:

David Sly
Manager – Trading Desk and Investment Research
Sly Family Office
(925) 808-9979

This will allow me to continue to play golf during market hours yet have a highly qualified person manage what can be best described as the Sly Family Office.

David’s pay is excellent – room (with a lake view), board, expenses, auto and medical benefits – plus golf club membership and a season ski pass.  Along with all the profits that he can make trading by following my trading based on his research and analysis, which has also been significant for him in the last 2 months and has already exceeded (in just 2 months) a full year annual starting salary at a “normal job”.

I get someone I trust, respect and love to do all of my research, analysis and trading under my mentorship and supervision.  David gets to learn trading from someone who has made a significant amount of money over a 35 year time period and has seen most everything that the market can do.

Win – Win.

Brian Sly
Brian Sly and Company, Inc.