Once again, it appears that the price of COMEX gold is sliding ahead of this announcement… just as it has in the lead-up to each of the previous six Fed Funds rate hikes. However, did you know that COMEX gold has actually rallied in the days following five of these six rate hikes? The chart below shows you this is graphic detail and, as you can see, these post-FOMC rallies have ranged from +6% all the way to +30%.

Since late last year, we’ve projected a breakout above $1395 by late summer 2018. Check the chart below and see why/how it is all coming together…and right on schedule.

Will this week’s FOMC and FF rate hike finally generate the Comex Digital Silver bullishness needed to FINALLY paint a higher high, resolve the pennant AND break the Banker chains enforcing price below the 200-week MA???