Davita Inc. (DVA): ABOVE $71.16, with a $76 first target, an $85.50 second target, and a $65.75 stop loss. Confirmation Volume Area= 1.4M, Risk Rating= 3, Industry= Medical Care


DVA TRADING TIP: Watch this choppy formation as it sets up for another stage higher, while the market posts gains. When reviewing new trading ideas for purchase, consider buying in pieces by following strength (DCA UP). NOTE: the use of the “Confirmation Day” concept drastically reduces trade risk.


Davita Inc. (DVA) rose $0.40, to $70.62 on a nearly 20% increase in its recent average daily volume today. DVA provides kidney dialysis services for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure or end stage renal disease (ESRD). DVA operates kidney dialysis centers and provides related lab services in outpatient dialysis centers. It also provides outpatient, hospital inpatient, and home-based hemodialysis services; owns clinical laboratories that provide routine laboratory tests for dialysis and other physician-prescribed laboratory tests for ESRD patients; and management and administrative services to outpatient dialysis centers. In addition, DVA operates DaVita Rx, a pharmacy that provides oral medications and medication management services to patients with ESRD; disease management services; vascular access services; clinical research programs; physician services; and direct primary care services. It provides dialysis and administrative services in the United States through a network of 2,510 outpatient dialysis centers serving approximately 197,800 patients; and operates 237 outpatient dialysis centers located in 11 countries outside of the United States. Further, DVA provides acute inpatient dialysis services in approximately 900 hospitals and related laboratory services in the United States.