Green Shield & Other Pilot Program Opportunities

  •  As has been discussed in multiple press releases, beginning in the Spring on 2018, we pivoted our sales and marketing efforts to the workers compensation and employee benefits industries that account for over $8 billion in annual PT visits just in the U.S.
    + We recently announced a collaboration agreement with 1st MCO for treating their corporate patients in the state of New Jersey. This pilot is anticipated to begin in are 2019.
    + Next we are working on completing additional collaboration agreements that if completed could position EWLL to be rolling out PHZIO our digital PT treatment platform, in at least 10 additional stated during the first half of 2019.
    Here is a bit on the Green Shield Opportunity noted in our most recent 8-K filing:
    The agreement with Green Shield Canada (“GSC”) is supervised by Benefits by Design (Canada). GSC  is Canada’s only national not-for-profit health and dental specialist, and their reason for being is the enhancement of the common good. GSC seeks innovative ways to improve access to better health for Canadians. From coast-to-coast, their service delivery includes drug, dental, extended health care, vision, hospital and travel benefits for groups and individuals, as well as administration services. Supported by cost containment strategies, advanced technology and exceptional customer service, they create customized programs for over two and a half million plan participants nationwide.
    GSC By-the-Numbers for FY2016
    + 7 Region Offices with 858 employees
    + 3.3 million plan participants
    + Generating $1.96 billion in gross revenue
    The GSC/EWLL Opportunity:
    + In early 2019 GSC will commence a paid PHZIO National Pilot Project. If this goes well then PHZIO could be rolled out to the entire GSC network in say 2020. If this happens then….
    + 3.3 M Plan Participants (an average of 8% get PT treatments each year that equates to 264,000 annual PT patients)
    + The average number of PT treatments per patient is 10 treatments at an average of ($58.00 for an initial evaluation and $39.00 per digital treatment), equals $448.00 per patient in annual PT billing.
    + $448.00 per patient times 264,000 patients equals $118,272,000 in potential annual gross PT treatment revenue.
    + 88% of GSC member reside in the provinces of BC and or Ontario. We may need to deploy TV and radio advertising programs in these areas in order to jump start broad utilization rates.
    + Our initial message is anticipated to focus on “Body Health” for the treatment of  back pain, knee pain or hip pain.
    + All figures are in Canadian dollars.
    + Initial press releases on this relationship are anticipated to begin after the inauguration of services in 2019.
    Thanks, Douglas.