Pertains to “Excess Wisconsin Capacity” 
Other than the focus on the “PERMIAN”

Let’s not forget that HCLP also ships to Bakken, Utica and Marcellus shales.

Last I recall Bakken production is growing quickly and natural gas (NG) demand is significant during
this colder winter season and new gas power plants coming online and liquification of NG for export.

Activity at the Marcellus shale – which primarily is an NG producing shale – should increase materially.

Last I checked they use sand too… And the Wisconsin mines are likely to supply this sand.

The HCLP frac mine and processing complex near Whitehall, Wisconsin has been standing idle for many months

HCLP relocated its entire work force to bring their new Blair, Wisconsin plant and mine online.

That that is done… Management team is now in the process of hiring .. To bring the Whitehall plant back into production/shipping.

Meanwhile the Augusta, Wisconsin HCLP plant continues in full swing.

I live in-between these two plants, and I work for the local newspaper, and I am privy to watching/hearing what goes on in the local area

(I am also a share holder)

Taking Trent’s article (above) in hand…. Along with what I see happening ‘on the ground’ in Wisconsin so-to-speak

And one has to be “Bullish” going forward.