August 28, 2018 ― LinkedIn Power Profiles 2018: Selected for Singapore Finance

Let me start by saying I am thrilled to be selected as a LinkedIn Power Profile 2018 for Singapore in Finance. LinkedIn runs this series to celebrate the most viewed LinkedIn members across top categories. This year, LinkedIn features 39 profiles across 5 categories.

The past few months have been a busy and productive period for me. Just today I was a speaker at Digital AI Summit in Melbourne, where I spoke on understanding the current state of AI with a focus on the tech startup ecosystem.

I’ve also been penning my thoughts on the state of ICOs in addition to commentary on AI. In an opinion piece for Tech in Asia this week, I argued that it’s time to rethink the ICO. In April, I argued laid out my thoughts on why China won’t win the AI war against America anytime soon. And I also weighed into the World Cup from an AI perspective for The Business Times. (Links below.)

As we close off August, wishing you and yours a wonderful and fruitful September and second half of 2018!