Yesterday was about picking up Financial names or related ETF’s.

Equity/Bond spreads are just starting to gain traction after going sideways for the past 2 months with a rising Equity market.

This just says don’t listen to the bears.

There was a lot of interest in IYZ (Telecoms) & PBS (Dynamic Media Portfolio.

MO…Altria is a low risk buy against 65.42 close.

Rollover starts in the Bond Futures. March contract volume is gaining on the December as positions are rolled over.

This will make trading them problematic.
I’ve gone to great lengths to explain this in previous qtr’s how this game is played.

It becomes a numbers game and most participants will be using the wrong charts and levels to trade.

Bottom line…if i can’t sell the December 30 Yr. Futures at my level by tomorrow @ 155.07-11 I will shelve the idea for another 2 weeks.