NIA is excited to announce Cemtrex (CETX) at $3 per share as its new #1 Augmented Reality stock suggestion. NIA’s last Augmented Reality stock suggestion Vuzix (VUZI) rose from NIA’s November suggestion price of $5.65 per share to a high in January of $11.40 per share for a gain of 101.77% in less than two months!

In June 2018, CETX will be launching a software application it is developing called Workbench VR, specifically for the manufacturing industry. Workbench VR is intended to help assembly workers in manufacturing environments utilizeVR and AR headsets as well as connected “smart tools” to assemble products faster, reduce errors, and improve the quality assurance process.

CETX is also developing a SmartDesk and yesterday it filed a U.S. patent application “Smart Desk With Gesture Detection and Control Features”relating to its upcoming Smartdesk product release scheduled for May 2018:click here to read about this HUGE development!

CETX only has 10.55 million shares outstanding for an extremely low market cap at $3 per share of $31.65 million. CETX already has $123.61 million in revenue and is growing rapidly with revenues last quarter up 10.2% year-over-year. CETX is extremely profitable and trading below book value!

CETX’s chart looks amazing and we believe $3 will be a key breakout pointfor the stock with a rapid rally to $4-$5 per share possible for next week! We will have a lot more information on CETX over the weekend!