Hi All, disclaimer. I have amassed a sizable position in PRED over the last 6 months so am long but I don’t believe in stories without research. hopefully you find this useful.
Take the time to look through the sites below and educate yourself to what you have. it has the potential to be huge.

Mothership http://predtechgroup.com/

OS share count 200m shares, Float 18m shares (most of it held by insiders.

Soon to be audited and per CEO in a public forum heading to Nasdaq
Presentation here

Corporate council Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati (One of the worlds leading Pharma attorneys

IR http://www.lhai.com/ (again one of the worlds leading IR firms
Websites and social media being totally rebranded

Read who has joined and who is running this company

This is potentially a multi billion dollar company (think Phizer if you came across them at 5c a share)

As for insiders selling in the form of T trades. Totally false. Form Ts are reflective of the trading for that particular day and can be buys or sells. This notion of form Ts being used by insiders to sell stock is bogushttps://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/formt.asp

In review, take an hour, look through the above and then make a decision, to me, this is potentially a diamond hidden in the pinks and we will know more when the audit comes out and this starts to become transparent. The guys involved in this are proven world class individuals who work/worked in some of the biggest bio techs in the world, supported by the best attorneys. This is not a scam as has been alluded to.