Bannister “If 2,800 S&P 500 is fair value, why call for 2,520 by 3Q18?
We see a risk-off decline in the 10Y yield to 2.6% and a stronger dollar the remainder of 2Q18 and into 3Q18”

We are targeting 2,520 for the S&P 500 (-5%) by mid-3Q18, setting up for a +10% return to 2,800 by year-end 2018. On 1/26/18 we forecast a 5% correction, then on 1/30/18 we downgraded reflation trades that had been our focus since we saw populism ascendant on 11/3/16, before the 2016 election. On 2/6/18 we factored a -10% correction into our views. The S&P 500 peaked at 2,872.87 on1/26/18 and although we see a fair value at year-end of 2,800 the balance of risks described in thisreport cause us to open a tactical trade to 2,520 (-5%) for the S&P 500 in the interim. See attached link
Target 2,520 for S&P 500 (-5%) by mid-3Q18 (sets up for a +10% rebound<>

Bottomline: TD 8 of 13 targets 2593, 2543 and 2494. Reiterate our defensive posture ergo sell ’em when you can not when you have to. “We see the S&P 500 dropping (5)% to 2,520 by 3Q18 (now 2,648) with the 10Y yield falling to 2.6% and the USD rising as a result of weaker global GDP and Fed rate hike signals. In this “risk-off” period we overweight utilities, staples, healthcare and REITs” ….

SPX Index : S&P 500 Index
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