Good evening gentlemen: I’ve been doing some personal travelling over the last week or so, …So haven’t been fully engaged. When we last spoke, I mentioned that we thought the MKT would edge higher…

The good news is- our models DID indicate a relatively bullish bias over the last few weeks and although the SPX/MKT was extremely sloppy and choppy, the SPX/MKT did manage to resolve on the UP side late last week.

We have highlighted several times this year that the dynamics of the MKT have shifted from a dynamic trending MKT with limited range/ROC- TO a rotational MKT structure with wide range and high ROC-

This means the days of the MKT doing the heavy lifting and bringing EVERY one along for the rider are probably behind us for the foreseeable future. Nimble trading , coupled with a solid long/short strategy focused on balanced sector rotation and surgical price location and a Timing edge will be paramount to above average returns going forward.

With that said- this week were looking for some follow through with some interesting trades setting up.

Adam Lorraine-

Technical Analysis Specialist-