A few weeks ago we highlighted TLT/Bonds (@ 121.50& 119.20) and suggested lower bonds/higher rates into early Oct.-

Additionally, we drew a strong correlation between the late Jan./early Feb. MKT correction to the ROC in rates…

As such, highlighted previously, we could see 109-110 on TLT which would probably put the 10 year @ around 3.5%…  *Seems to be the troigger point for a tactical shift in capital allocations-but , who knows if anyone will actually sell equities…

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From: Adam Lorraine <ALorraine@aegiscap.com>

Date: 9/17/18 9:18 AM (GMT-05:00)

To: Adam Lorraine <ALorraine@aegiscap.com>

Subject: TLT/Bonds /Rates Note 9.17.18

We mentioned a few weeks ago that TLT/Bonds (121.08) could move aggressively lower /Rates higher which would very likely impact the SPX/MKT- as we had seen in late Jan./early Feb.-

With that said- TLT came up in this week’s scans as a SELL- and based upon the position of the weekly/daily schematic we could see a continuation of the move lower ,and perhaps an acceleration of the move.

Here is the weekly schematic-

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