am I sorry I left $$$ on the table …sold last at 80c / went to $1.30 = of course , but what a nice profit, in at 28c …and remember , Hogs get slaughtered.

wash n rinse trade…what’s nice on BB is …you can take size , so 15 cents is multiples = $150, $1500 … and so on

Gold: Tomorrow is the full moon. Gold has had a tendency to bottom on or close to full moons. Of course this time could be different but I’m not going to whipsaw back and forth anymore. I’m just going to hold until the weekly stochastics return to overbought. TY Savage
…More on GOLD
I’m bullish on gold stocks right here. The setup looks the same to me as it did last November. GDX has been falling by nickels and dimes just about every day for the past two weeks.
GDX is oversold. And there’s just enough bullish action – where the stocks open lower and then rally back higher by the end of the day – to keep me hopeful.Frankly, though, I’m feeling a bit like a lonely fly-fisherman standing just on the shore of the upper Sacramento river
The setup in the gold sector today looks a lot like it did last November. The sector is oversold as we’re heading into a seasonally strong period for the gold stocks.
So far, though, the gold stocks aren’t biting.
Lots of fishermen have packed up and moved on. But I’m staying put. I’ll keep casting my line. We’ve been in this situation before. And it’s paid off .
-fish are all huddled together. All of the conditions are in place for a gold stock rally.
But the fish aren’t biting yet. I don’t know what they’re waiting for. All I know is what I’ve seen before…Once one of them snaps at my line, the whole group will jump into a feeding frenzy.
Make sure you have a line in the water when that happens. TY TO JEFF CLARK

we have been watching this in room = So I had on chart and saw the over $1.16 buy trigger…thin trader tho…careful