Symantec Corp. (SYMC) is your Trade of the Week


How about that NASDAQ index?  Back to all-time highs for technology related stocks. This week the Trade of the Week will focus on a tech stock with solid fundamentals ready to play catch-up with the NASDAQ.  The “Let’s Go Fishing” scan here at Trade Ideas looks for stocks that have had a correction but still showing solid fundamentals and a technical reason to consider a position. Stocks on this scan usually have formed a solid base from which to work.

The trade of the Week will be considered live this week at 28.00.  We will need to see price action taking out the near term resistance areas and that level is 28.00. The suggested stop for this idea will be under 25.70. The suggested upside target for SYMC will be 32.00.  As always, use only the amount of shares in your trade that you are willing to risk in case the price of SYMC drops below 25.70.