Whenever I invest in a company I look at the fundamentals but also like to see where the rubber meets the road.This morning at 10 am I had an appointment with with a quality Medical group using Predictives Corecyte.I have a sports hernia and have seen many doctors,chiropractors etc over the past four years with no relief, cortisone injections,PT, alternative medicine with no relief- so I decided that I am going to try PRED’s product first hand to see if it really works. I asked the nurse and practitioners some questions this morning: 

1. How long have you been using PRED’s Corecyte: For about 1 year and we found it far superior to the product we were using Amniotech for the past 4 years- we have had great results with Corecyte about 95% satisfaction of our patients. She said the key factor is PRED’s product is far superior with 1.1 Million live mesenchymal stem cells per ml-a much higher concentration than Amniotech.A higher concentration of stem cells reduces patients costs and administering multiple times- and real key much more effective. They also mentioned the professionalism of the company – they keep a live nitrogen freezer at there site. They have treated backs,necks,knees, shoulders with excellent results. Next week I have a follow up meeting so I will probably get my first injection- so I will keep everyone posted as I have thousands of reasons why. First impression where rubber meets the road : A ++ on quality of product and efficacy-company professionalism.