As laid out earlier this week- I do think the SPX/MKT is coming into a pivotal High/Top- sometime this week, the question today IS… was yesterday’s High ,IT? 

Maybe, but the DTE- Algo is saying tomorrow 2.15-18.19-

Additionally, we didn’t quite get tour projected TGT=2770-74 which I think is an important level…

So, without trying to get too cute- I think the MKT has a good chance of holding in here this am and probably rally’s UP into tomorrow if I had to take an educated technical guess based upon the sum of the parts.

The trend is still intact and unless we take out 2717,(which is probably NOT going to happen today), then we must assume the current trend is valid.

We will get there, and I think well know it when we DO…  *TIME, price and Algorithmically we will align and fire!

Traders/PM’s are advised to keep their expectations in check for the downside today AND assume the SPX/MKT likely holds S1- and most likely rally’s from there. I’m looking for a move higher into 2.15-18.19- to 2770-74-