Nasdaq has a fiduciary obligation to its traded companies and all those shareholders. The process of listing on NYSC or NASDAQ is a serious undertaking. 

While I appreciate your pain and frustration, NASDAQ has to get it right, and must complete their internal review of any applicant submission (Form 10), and gather any and all information necessary to comply with the listing regulations, not to mention FINRA and SEC laws and disclosures. 

Surely NASDAQ has requested clarification (it is mandated in the listing due-diligence process, which is linked below) to review and gather responses from Predictive and other sources to the Hindenburg report. What I did learn is Hindenburg is known to NASDAQ and not in a favorable or positive light. 

My insight tells me that review is near completion but certainly no NASDAQ official would have been allowed to reveal those details, in fact, the compliance team can not meet with Predictive but other officials can and have. Those meetings were not negative is all I can say. 

One logical observation, why would Bradly Robinson take a company, alleged to be ripe with misrepresentations and bad deeds, to become listed on a much stricter exchange? Why go through the millions of dollars and months and months of human resources, assemble a world-class Board and management team, invest days and nights over 15 months of hard work, all to file false and misleading statements (BTW statements that are audited and reviewed by law firm after law firm, auditors, and highly reputable wall street firms) with the aim to try and get away with a fabrication? It’s not logical. Do you know why? Because none of the allegations are accurate but for the manipulation of the market and profit. 

That’s my take for the moment, hope it helps you to hold and continue to be a shareholder.